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Movie Scripts

Super Geeks

Two high school nerds have the time of their lives when they find a superhero suit that gives them super powers, at least until the superhero finds out and wants his suit back, and the super villian finds out and tries to steal it from them.

How to Train Your Girlfriend

A man, whose love life has always been a disaster, takes his best friend's advice to 'train' his new girlfriend by putting her through trials meant to train her and make her his love slave. What he doesn't know is that his new girlfriend is getting the same advice from her best friend about him!

Dr. Shrinker

Eight teens on the way from Indiana to Florida for Sprink Break find horror beyond their imagination instead when, as they pass through a deserted town in Mississippi, they are kidnapped by a mad scientist who shrinks them to the size of mice and uses them in his diabolical experiments.

TV Pilots

Werewolf Dawn

In a world where the last humans fight a nightly battle against the rest of mankind who have been turned into werewolves, a doctor struggles to find a cure so he can bring back his infected wife and make the werewolves human again.

The Grateful Dead Squad

The last human left alive after an alien race kills all other humans on Earth joins a band of aliens whose planets were also destroyed by the same alien race to seek revenge on their common enemy, avoid the alien commander bent on killing him and find a reason to live and keep hope alive.

Willoughby Towers

A young woman takes a job in an old skyscraper in New York City, unaware that her own past doomed her to work there and that the building is huanted, cursed and a doorway to Hell.

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